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The word is out. After over 10 years of operating and growing as a digital product studio, OWOW proudly launches it’s brand new Venture Studio in Q3, 2024. More info for interested startups & investors below.

Robin Dohmen & PieterJan Pieters
Founders OWOW Product & Venture Studio


Our Venture Studio

We all know the shocking number that 90% of startup ventures fail. OWOW has worked with hundreds of startups worldwide in the past 12,5 years and experienced first hand how startups fall victim to the "Valley of Death". 

All due to the lack of ¹ the right venture- & product development knowledge, ² lack of high-performing product teams, and ³ lack of customer traction. And this, is exactly where OWOW Ventures comes in.

The Venture Studio Explained


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