The Social Project

Get social,
Get confiscated.

The Social Project

It’s hard to imagine how we could survive a day without our online social life since we are online 24/7 nowadays. Smartphones, smartwatches and other portable devices attack our real social, offline life. Being social online can be such a good thing.

However, it seems there is no limit and we have to learn how to deal with it. Curiosity is in our nature, which is a good thing, but too much can’t be good. When meeting face to face, we often get distracted by ringtones or notifications, which is resulting in anti-social behaviour. Time to get social again.



Social Design

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Some legal issues

This is a project, commissioned by Z33 (Hasselt, Belgium). The morning after installing the Social bench, button and speaker in the galleries of Z33, we got word the police confiscated our project. Apparently, blocking phone signals is illegal. Which we never knew, obviously.