We do projects for and with brands we love

  • Real Booty Music Music for the booty, by the booty. A rather special ad campagne for AIAIAI, which even got shared by no other than Playboy and Lil’ Wayne.

  • The Social Project By blocking all your signal, you can get social again and maybe make some new friends. Before getting confiscated by the police.

  • Converse Session An advertisement project for Converse and Footlocker Europe, in which we joined forces with producer ZES (NL) and went completely nuts with our instruments

  • Bots. A small army of robots that help small shop owners in a fight against other bigger robots, in a project for Brakke Grond and Droog Design.

  • MyOrder ‘Order Life Easy’ was the slogan, strategy and brand identity we developed for this awesome startup, based in Amsterdam. Easy livin’.

  • RLG We can’t get enough of product design. So we designed a series of three new mobile phones for the African market, including their whole interfaces.

  • Atag One A smart thermostat concept needs a smart interface concept, and so we did. Our future concept was partly used, partly saved for the future.

  • Thomas Pieters Strategize the brand and online presence of this legend. Making him him sexy on all devices was quite a job, but we made it.