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Meet the Wiggle App, an app that seamlessly integrates with one of it’s midi instruments: the Wiggle.

MIDIS is a range of electronic music instruments. As part of a strategy to bring these instruments closer to their users, we created a mobile App that would skip the step of having to use complex music software. But gave singers a simple tool to test out the instrument immediately and without a studio setup.

We focused on the most smooth Bluetooth connection setup between the hardware instrument and the App and included a library of in-app audio effects that will blow your mind.

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Take the pain away, seamless hardware integration

For the pairing, just drop the device on the screen, the screen goes green in a sec and you’re good to go. Bluetooth communication with the Wiggle device is based on a custom Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol.

In a simple pairing process, the phone searches for Wiggle devices that are in close proximity. The low-latency protocol is implemented using the Core Bluetooth framework and carries information of x-, y- and z-axis rotation (depending on the device configuration).

Audio processing

The hardware registers your movements and the App translates them into vocal effects. All without any noticeable latency via Bluetooth low energy. 

Up to three different effects can be controlled at the same time by moving the Wiggle from left to right, raising it from low to high or twisting the Wiggle around your wrist. This data is then processed in a custom audio processor.

Music and tech in harmony

One of the hottest new tech in music upon release with big features on blogs & Artists that used it.

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