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WAMP. Thé match play golf app that lets you focus on scoring.

The brief

We Are Match Play is a match play golf app that allows golf enthusiasts around the globe to play, compare and share all their match plays with friends. From now on, you can keep track of all your wins. Or losses…

With over 5,000 downloads in a successful first year, we almost reached 10% of all Belgian golfers. After a great collaboration with the Belgian Knockout and the European Tour, more brands got in touch to be part of WAMP.

Launch website

Launched it right in the top 20 appstore.

As part our the strategy to launch the App during The Belgian Knockout, a golf tournament on the World Golf Tour. We imbedded the leaderboard in the Match Play App in order to reach an large amount of people in the first weekend. We reached the Top 20 in the Sport Category of the App store and converted about 2500 users.

You’re in. Now challenge and test your luck against your golf buddies

We always kept in close contact with our first wave of users and kept improving features in order to stay relevant and keep the retention of the App at the highest level. A lot of features where tested, only the best made the cut. 

Responsive site Because all sizes matter.

From small screens to big, the We Are Matchplay site is designed to look great everywhere.

Perfect, Now make it grow! As part of the growth strategy, we aimed for strategic partnerships

How do you grow an App, when there is already so much noise and budget is limited. Well, we collaborate. We secured partnerships with brands and other golf tournament organizations in order to grow organically and don’t disturb our users with advertisements and crap.

Two types of partnerships were created. The first one is with brands that wanted to reach our audience, but only if they had added value for our users. and second with Tournament organizations in order to automate their competition formats. 

Keep it fun.

As part of the brand deal concept, we partnered with Duvel, Yes the beer brand. Every time someone won their match, a video of Duvel played and the players got a Duvel for free in the Clubhouse if they showed the video to the bartender. 

Result: Happy Golfers, cause we surprised them with a free Duvel. And a happy Brand, since they got to play a Duvel commercial at the happiness peak and got access to the 60 Golf clubs in Belgian, which before was a big struggle.

We took it Bigger. 1 Competition, 2000 Players, 100% automated, 0% organization needed.

1 Competition, 2000 Players, 100% automated, 0% organization needed.  And the results were amazing! The fans loved it as they stood a chance of winning a national (amateur) title; the golf clubs loved it, as they had way more people on their course, and all potential partners loved it

as they had not only 4 days of exposure, but 4 months. A Final was played at the Belgian Knockout. For the Belgian Knockout 2019, we came up with the Club Knock Out concept. A fully automated nationwide competition, ready to hype all the fans, golf clubs, ánd potential partners for BKO 2019.

Bigger, better and more fun.

We limited this first match play competition to 60 golf clubs, with a limited 32 players each. In doing so, we had almost 2,000 amateur golfers participating from all over Belgium. 100% automated, 0% organization needed.

And last but not least, inspire your userbase and give them exclusive content a crave for

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