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A campaign designed to save lives

The Dutch association of hospitals (Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuizen) came to us with a massive problem. Every year they offer a vaccine against the flu, but only 13% of their employees chose to get it. The low vaccination grade came as a shock, as healthcare employees often work with vulnerable or sick people. Not only does this give them a high chance of getting the flu, it also makes them likely to spread it amongst their patients.

The number of vaccinations had been dropping every year for the past 5 years, so we had a clear mission. Get this number up and save lives. With a campaign in the flu season of 2018 and 2019, we set up a system that provides every healthcare institution in the country with bespoke campaign material. To pursue their employees to take action and get the vaccine.

Launch Website

Spoiler alert! We almost doubled the amount of vaccinations in the first year. With even further increases the year after.

How did we do it? by taking away any excuses to not get the vaccine in the first place.

How do you change people’s behaviour? By implementing positive triggers on the path of least resistance towards the vaccination. We questioned a large group of individuals and came to the conclusion that their main excuse was a very practical problem. Nurses and doctors were too busy and just couldn’t find the time to get vaccinated.

One of the ways we solved this problem was by creating a custom planning calendar generator. Each healthcare institution’s communication department could produce a planning in line with the rest of the campaign, that informed their employees where and when to get the vaccine. Fully automated.

Your excuses are over

Solving the practical problem of too little time was big, but when we looked further, we found more struggles. By testing employees on their knowledge, and challenging false myths around the vaccine, we made sure there were no more excuses left.

A very heavy topic indeed that’s why we brought in the humor and optimism

You wont change people’s behaviour by pointing out their mistakes and being strict. make them laugh, be positive and show them life is fun. Emojis for the win!

We made a deal with a health juice brand to transform their juice to the offical healthshot for the NVZ Voorkomgriep campaign. Every employee that chose to get a vaccination, 

got a free healthshot, to thank them for their participation and give them another health boost.. Show respect for the people that are prepared to change.

The numbers don't lie!

When we launched the campaign, we created the first rise of vaccinations in 5 years time, we normally don’t like to brag but in this case, we are proud of it.

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