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Rabobank asked us to create the bookkeeper of the future.

The brief

The Rabobank, one of the leading banks in the Netherlands, asked us to create and market the bookkeeper of the future; Tellow. There was a vision by the founders and a proven MVP that validated the problem market fit, our job to start from scratch and co-create the product and market that product into a commercial success.

As OWOW is one of Rabobank’s main partners in their innovation lab, we were involved from the start to share all our startup knowledge and expertise. Resulting in the design of the complete mobile application & web platform, the development of the name and brand, and after a successful launch, making sure it got the amount of users it deserved.

It all started with designing a bookkeeping app, that doesn’t feel like a bookkeeping app.

We took on the challenge to create an app that people trust, without the feeling of a bookkeeper or bank peeking over their shoulder. Instead of showing you all your data, we designed the app in a way that only tells you what to do, whenever you need to do it.

The Navigation of the App was created around a color-coding system, in order to keep you finances structured and organized. This in combination with a tone of voice that felt friendly and supportive, almost like your mother telling you what to do and when to do it.

An app that feels consistent on all platforms is a must.

Creating consistency is more important than ever, by using our design system approach, we created one style guide & navigation system that made sure the iOS, Android, WebApp & Commercial website are all aligned and give the user a consistent experience across platforms.

Form and function in harmony

Because we designed the Tellow app, commercial website and branding, we were able to consistently color code functions of the product throughout the different platforms. Resulting in easily identifiable features for all users on all levels.

Get ready for the launch, Overdelivering thousands of leads in year one alone.

After ensuring Tellow’s product had a strong and consistent brand identity, our next step was to market the product in the best possible way. Tellow’s app and web platform had many unique features, that were crucial to communicate when targeting all Dutch self-employed.

As we were targeting a national market of one million (and growing) self-employed, we went all out on all channels. With a smart mix of online and offline marketing campaigns, plus several growth hacking techniques, we managed to overdeliver our KPIs by 20% in the first year alone.

This result shows corporate innovation works, taking the advantages of a large and well known institute like the Rabobank, and combining them with our highly experienced view on modern digital marketing. Combining regional offline marketing at and around events for self-employed throughout the Netherlands, with national online marketing and radio campaigns afterwards, was our answer to Rabobanks high targets. 

Delivering ten thousands of leads in one year, proved that the end-to-end methodology of OWOW worked. Starting with the creation of a strong digital product, backed by a proven product/market-fit, followed by a coherent digital marketing campaign to ensure strategic success. Having designers and marketeers in the same office, working closely next to each other, made Tellow one of the pearls in our portfolio instantly.

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