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Strategy, Branding, UX/UI Design, Growth Hacking
Client brief
Use our startup expertise to create a bookkeeping service from scratch targeted at young entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, and help them reach their first 10K users within one year.
A trustworthy and user-friendly bookkeeper with smooth user flows, which was completely new in the world of bookkeeping – thus reaching 12K users in year one.
Eliminating financial and administrative stress for entrepreneurs, so they can focus on the things they're good at. We also scored an award for being the 5th hottest Fintech startup in The Netherlands.
A bookkeeper app that feels like a friendly neighbor. Anytime, anywhere.

We took on the challenge to create an app that people trust, without the feeling of a bookkeeper or bank peeking over their shoulder. Instead of showing you all your data, we designed the app in a way that only tells you what to do, whenever you need to do it. Say goodbye to sleepless nights filled with worry.


By working closely with the team from Tellow, and carrying out extensive audience research, we established not only the key user profiles, but also identified the mindset that influence how our target audience used the App.


Equipped with this understanding, we developed a digital product strategy that laid the foundations for a whole new digital ecosystem. The result would be a much more personalised experience. Something that was not being done before in the world of digital bookkeeping.


We roled out the digital branding, digital Apps with groundbreakding technology; like 99% accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, and reached our KPI’s of 10K users in year one

Tech Crunch

The website can easily be updated with new challenges and different regions worldwide, while constantly keeping each specific target audiences and local restrictions in mind. We made an API connection with a platform named Hyped, which handles the submissions. Accurate statistics are retreived through a connected dashboard for marketing, which makes it easy to constantly check the performance of ads and traffic.

Client quote
“OWOW was the pro-active partner we needed, the combination of meeting with Pieter-Jan & Robin to set our future goals and their team that followed up beautifully.”
Jochem Baars
CEO & Founder Tellow
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