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AkzoNobel, Paint the Future
Brand Identity, Web Design, Online Campaign
Corporate Innovation / Accelerator
Client brief
Give this large corporation a dynamic online image to attract startups worldwide.
A recognizable visual identity and website that explores the future of paints and coatings, while still hinting to AkzoNobel.
The latest global startup challenge in 2021 led to 245 submissions from 62 different countries.
Paint the Future
User Experience
Invite startups to submit their ground-breaking solutions to innovation challenges.

Paint the Future is a global innovation challenge organized by AkzoNobel, a worldwide leading global paint and coatings company. Their ecosystem​ is all about accelerating new innovations in paints and coatings, so we had to deliver a website that attracted different startups in the field – big and small. Once the website was live, we launched several high-precision campaigns. We identified exactly who we wanted to target and launched several focused, online campaigns to reach the startups we needed. Contributing to the massive amount of valuable applications across the globe.

Colorful and professional, while going all the way.

Questions were raised about how much AkzoNobel branding & Culture needed to be included in this Paint the Future project. AkzoNobel wanted to create their future image but needed to stay true to its values. The line was very thin but we managed to create a balance between both worlds. Because of the huge scale of the project, we decided to go all the way. 3D paint swirls and animations, responsive logos, custom icon sets and a consistent image library.

Paint the Future global
Paint the Future mobile mockups
Tech crunch

Our development team focused on building a solid foundation that can easily be updated with new challenges for different regions worldwide. With the continuous introduction of new continents and countries, it was critical to keep each audience’s needs and country restrictions top of mind. An API connection was made with a platform called Hyped, which handles all submissions for the challenges. Statistics are continuously collected through a dashboard for marketing campaigns, making it easy to monitor the performance of ads and traffic.

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