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Commercial Website, Animations, 3D Models
Design Agency
Client brief
Bring the client’s vision of storytelling to life on their website while making it run smoothly too.
By using 3D modeling and animations on scroll, visitors are instantly drawn into the world of Neverland.
An Awwwards-winning website that tells the agency's story and quality through an exclusive and enthralling experience


part of the website
User Experience
A playful experience worth repeating

It is impossible to think of Neverland without picturing Peter Pan and his playful and fearless personality. These character traits, along with a touch of Pixie dust, is exactly what defines agency Neverland. From the start, there were high expectations for the website’s development, but the end result is a captivating site that allows a unique piece of storytelling that’s smartly developed and leads the user through the story of Neverland without them losing their freedom to navigate where they want to go.

Neverland in mobile mockup
Design / 3D modeling

The close collaboration between our 3D artist and our developers made it possible to create a unique on-scroll experience.

Tech Stack

The site loads a staggering 306 files so we used a very modern and fast setup with Vite and SSR. By custom lazy loading frames and converting assets to WEBP formats we are able to assure fast loading times and thus a great user experience.

Client quote
“OWOW has been challenged in its development from a technological perspective. After considering several options, they came up with the best solution to make the experience as realistic as possible. From transitions to animations, everything is flawless.”
Fabrizio di Bon
Founder Neverland
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