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Reduce your stress levels through seamless interfaces

Mobile & Web Application, Bluetooth Connection, Commercial Website

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Project Breakdown

Client brief
Build the technical infrastructure for integrating a wearable device that measures stress, along with a mobile application with a frontend, backend, content management system, and a webshop.
A mobile application that visualizes stress, has a secure backend that stores health data and provides coaches with a dashboard to manage their clients' health & recovery.
Show users how to decrease stress and increase energy levels with clear visualizations, combined with a seamless and stable hardware connection.

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Sleeping stress indicator

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User experience
A wearable & app towards a more balanced lifestyle

MoNoA users need easy-to-understand visual representations of their wearable data. The first thing users see when they open the app is the status of their stress and energy levels, without making them feel more stressed by it. The app also shows them the available programs and training options without overwhelming them with choices. It is a unique and user-friendly wearable and app that tracks stress throughout the day and shows users what’s best for their bodies.

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Monoa mobile phone view

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Monoa dashboard

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Simplicity is key

A predefined branding was used to create the style of the website. By using vibrant colors and a lot of white space, we created a clean, fresh look that makes the products and services stand out.

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mobile view profiles
mobile view profile
mobile view video and audio
mobile view analysis
mobile view video
mobile view loading
mobile view starting flow
mobile view chat

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activities illustration

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Bluetooth Connection
Core Bluetooth (iOS) / Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth (Android)

For the MoNoA app, we implemented a custom BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol in a dedicated module, decoupled from the main app. The BLE protocol is implemented directly on top of the iOS and Android Bluetooth stacks, in Swift and Kotlin. Because we developed the BLE module and a dedicated testing app simultaneously, we were able to rapidly implement and test new features before fully integrating them into the final app. After the BLE module was developed it was implemented in the final app, where it downloads user’s stress data into a local database for visualization and summarisation using custom algorithms.

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Tech crunch

We created a content management system for (health) coaches to manage their video courses for their organizations. As a result, coaches can share specific content with specific audiences. In addition to the CMS, we developed an API Gateway so coaches can share their content with other platforms by using OpenAPI specifications and OAuth 2.0.


The coaches are able to upload videos, which are then retransmitted to different qualities like they are on Youtube. These videos are uploaded and converted using Amazon Web Services (such as S3, CloudFront, MediaConvert, SQS, and SNS). These videos are served with the HLS protocol. To facilitate communication between clients and coaches, we created a real-time chat that works across all platforms (on web and mobile app), using WebSocket.

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Design System
A design system to ensure quality and speed

Our design system approach is applied to all platforms and ensures quality and consistency through component-based design elements and atomic design principles. By using shared libraries and synchronized elements, our designers and developers are able to work smoothly and efficiently. Take a look at our design systems yourself.

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Project Result

Client quote
‘The whole OWOW team is a blast to work with, they know their stuff and always deliver.’
Stijn Bogaerts

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