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Brand identity, Mobile & Web platform, UX/UI design
egrounds mobile and tablet view
Client brief
Create a platform where amateur gamers and companies can compete and track their scores across regional and national competitions, while also giving big and small brands an opportunity to connect with gamers.
A stand out branding and a complete platform where gamers can create multiple teams to compete and win prizes while playing the most popular games.
A stand out branding and a complete platform where gamers can create multiple teams to compete and win prizes while playing the most popular games.
E-grounds logo
User Experience
Where local champions compete in the national competition

Gamers expect nothing less than the best experience. From the beginning, we knew we had to provide a high-quality, clear, and clean user experience. Upon opening the app, we inform users of two important things: upcoming matches and past matches they have played. The design lets the user know the status of a match and what actions need to be taken by guiding them through the flow step-by-step. We avoid confusion and errors by organizing the complexity of the app and deducting the user’s options per step. It’s like having your own e-sports manager in your pocket.

E-grounds tablet and mobile view
Carefully chosen colors to enhance the gaming experience

With strong colors against a dark background, the screens are easy on the eyes, also in a dark room. The consistent use of colors makes it clear to the user which player they are or what the status of the match is. With a bolt and sporty design, the player can focus on what matters.

E-sports banner
E-grounds dashboard
Tech Crunch

When you play sports, you want to play fair. The app has a system in place that flags a match if both players give different outcomes. In addition, the applications use Elo ratings, a complex algorithm that calculates the number of points taken from the loser and given to the winner based on the expected outcome. When new players are playing against top players, this self-correcting system ensures fair ratings without demotivating them. We also developed a flexible system for the creation of competitions, which had to be developed in a way that any form of competition is possible. Using a ‘decorator pattern’, we are able to create small pieces of code that can be combined to create any type of competition.

E-grounds tech crunch
Design System
A design system to ensure quality and speed

Our design system approach is applied to all platforms and ensures quality and consistency through component based design elements and atomic design principles. By using shared libraries and synchronized elements, our designers and developers are able to work smoothly and efficiently. Take a look at our design systems yourself.

E-grounds design
Client quote
“What OWOW brings to the table is nothing short of amazing. They continue to raise the bar when it comes to working efficiently and have some extremely talented, hard working & dedicated people within their team. It’s been a delight working with them and we’ll continue to do so in the future.”
Jorik Heerkens
CTO E-Grounds
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