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UX/UI Design, Native Mobile App Development
Climate Control
Duco featured
Client brief
Assisting the company transition to a digital ecosystem around their ventilation products by developing apps for installers and end-users.
A DUCO app to simplify the installation process of ventilation systems in homes for installers, as well as an app to optimize home systems for end users.
User-friendly and efficient applications that provide optimal support for installers and homeowners, saving both time and money.
Duco mobile app in action
User Experience

While the process of getting and keeping a room well ventilated and comfortable is a technical process, the apps for both the user and installer are not. Where a frequent installer can easily fly through the process there is step-by-step guidance with extra information for the less experienced installer. Home owners can change the climate as they like with intuitive user interfaces

Duco mobile mockup
Maximum support, minimal effort

Over the past years, OWOW has been responsible for DUCO’s future digital products and services. In addition to creating proof of concepts and product strategies, we develop their mobile apps. The first app is DUCO Home Control, an app for users to optimize home systems and gain insight into air quality and energy efficiency. The second is DUCO Installation, an app that connects directly to the ventilation system and installs the DucoBox.

Duco app in action
Duco device and app side by side
Design System
A design system to ensure quality and speed

Our design system approach is applied to all platforms and ensures quality and consistency through component based design elements and atomic design principles. By using shared libraries and synchronized elements, our designers and developers are able to work smoothly and efficiently. Take a look at our design systems yourself.

Duco design system
Tech Crunch

A point-to-point wifi connection is used in the Duco Installation app for installing, calibrating, updating firmware and configuring the DucoBox. The app needs to support different types of DucoBoxes, which all need configuring and installment in their own unique way, so we
developed a custom configuration format to support this. To speed up development, we built an emulator (using Server Side Swift) which fully emulates a DucoBox and runs on a Raspberry Pi. The apps are written with the latest technologies, such as Kotlin, Jetpack Compose & coroutines on Android, and Swift, SwiftUI, Async/Await, Combine & Swift Actors on iOS.

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