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Webshop, Shopify, Animations
Ahooga macbook mockup
Client brief
Support cyclist enthusiasts in their purchasing process by delivering a unique experience that accommodates their needs.
A webshop filled with visual storytelling and smooth animations. Built by the ‘show, don’t tell’ principle.
A transparent and energetic online experience where customers can customize their travel companion, boosting conversion rates. The page speed is above the benchmark, despite heavy rendering.
Ahooga model and bike
User Experience
An animated webshop for conversion-driven results

We went the extra mile to ensure a webshop that focuses on transparency and fun. Bike enthusiasts should feel that when they visit the website, it is made to accommodate their commuting and traveling needs. We created a bike builder to show them what the bike will look like in the color of their choosing and what additional elements will look like on the bike. It provides a good sense of what buyers can expect once they see the bike on their doorstep. This experience is as smooth on mobile as it is on desktop.

Ahooga e-commerce
Design / imagery
A vibrant and moving experience

Ahooga is all about color, joy and movement. This is what we want to show the user when the land on the website. We created animations to show the bikes posibilities and created a brief for the photographer to create amzing imagery.

Ahooga model and mobile view
Ahooga products
Tech Crunch

A dynamic preview of the bike makes the color, model, finish, and accessories of the bike change immediately, creating a smooth step-by-step customization page before it’s added to the cart. To explore new technologies, we expanded our tech stack with Shopify Liquid, Tailwind, and Vue 3. Multiple 3D product renders were created on a big scale in a limited time period. We achieved page speed with heavy renders using the new .webp and .webm media formats.

Ahooga bike front view
Design System
A design system to ensure quality and speed

Our design system approach is applied to all platforms and ensures quality and consistency through component-based design elements and atomic design principles. By using shared libraries and synchronized elements, our designers and developers are able to work smoothly and efficiently. Take a look at our design systems yourself.

Ahooga design system
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